Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ENOUGH with the Fried Chicken already !!

If I had a dollar for everytime I am asked, “How can you call yourself a southern restaurant and you don’t serve fried chicken?” or a dollar for everytime I am walking through the dining room and I over hear one of the servers fumbling through an explanation to a guest why there isn’t either fried chicken or chicken at all other than chicken salad. 

I know, I know there is nothing more southern than fried chicken. A southern cook is distinguished  by her ability to fry chicken. In the movie and book “The Help”, several minutes of screen time and ink on the page were devoted to Mini and her famous fried chicken! Trust me, I get it. People love their fried chicken and at times, I LOVE IT TOO! 
Fried chicken brings back memories of Sunday dinner with the family, for me you knew it was about time to hit the road for a long road trip in the summer, when you smelled the chicken frying, a special occasion dinners after church or between Sunday services. For a lot of us “grown ups”, there’s not a significant family gathering that was not enhanced with a large platter of steaming hot fried chicken. So believe me, I understand the nostalgia  but my stance on chicken is the same as it is with cupcakes. Unless I can do something amazing with it, I am NOT going to fry chicken! The Southern Cuisine repertoire is so vast that I honestly feel that I am and would be doing my customers a disservice if I resort to something as cliche as frying chicken. 

The decision to not serve chicken was a very deliberate one. It was not an easy decision to make and in-fact, when we first opened, we had fried chicken on Sundays. However, after a couple of weeks of struggling with it, I decided to LET IT GO! We are a contemporary southern “Bistro” whose purpose is to challenge people to experience traditional southern ingredients and food in a different way.


  1. I understand your decision, however; chicken is a Southern/ African American staple. It's like having a contemporary breakfast bistro that refused to serve eggs. It's your restaurant and your vision but by not serving chicken you may be hampering the financial growth of your restaurant. Good staples, done uniquely, can increase your sales on sides, drinks and every in between. I have yet to visit your restaurant but I will soon. Keep your vision alive.

    1. Thank you for your feedback !! Hope to see you in the restaurant soon !!

  2. The food here is delicious, and I love trying the unique offerings! I'm a fan of fried chicken too, but I don't miss it, with all the other choices. Just reading the desserts on the menu made my mouth water. Nice atmosphere, nice people, great food...Bravo!